Population: 470Average Annual Income: US $1,100
Latitude: 18° 19’ 14” NLongitude: 72° 42’ 24” W
Location: 41.63 mi southwest of Port-au-Prince


The people of Davi are in need of desperate change. Due to deforestation and improper management of hillsides, farmers have to battle floods and landslides every rainy season. With every rainfall more and more topsoil and important soil nutrients would eroded away, leaving behind bare and infertile land. As a result, farmers are unable to grow their crops, parents are unable to feed their children, and families are forced to migrate into cities in search of food and work.

Plant With Purpose partners with communities like Davi to reverse the harmful and devastating effects of deforestation. Through our holistic agricultural, economic, and spiritual programs, Plant With Purpose not only addresses the immediate issues of food security and income generation, but also works to restore strained relationships between the people, communities, and the environment. As a result of your partnership, the community of Davi hopes to see incomes increased, crop yields improved, and the overall quality of life for families positively transformed.