Population: 200Average Annual Income: US $1,800
Latitude: 18° 46’ 31.51” NLongitude: 70° 14’ 11.18” W
Distance from Santo Domingo: 61 km N


The farmers of El Café depend largely on their oregano crop, yet in recent years deforestation has caused erosion and threatened the livelihood of the community. The village elders have welcomed the help of Plant With Purpose to replenish the soil that has been depleted and to develop alternative ways of creating income so that they don’t have to cut down more of their trees. Plant With Purpose has teamed up with the community to start a nursery where villagers grow seedlings, fruit trees, and other plant to replenish the sparse forests and provide income. Plant With Purpose has also set up a solar drier to help them turn their oregano into a storable, marketable good. In addition to the nursery and solar driers, Plant With Purpose offers workshops to teach sustainable farming methods and other ways to conserve the land. Give now and help the farmers of El Café restore their land, boost their income, and transform their lives.