Partnering Farmers: 160Average Annual Income: US $400
Latitude: 3° 56’ 35” SLongitude: 29° 40’ 30” E
Region: Bururi Province


Less than five miles away from the Bururi Forest Nature Reserve, the community of Kiremba understands the importance of planting trees and the harmful effects cutting down trees can have on the environment and their wellbeing. However, much of the surrounding land near Kiremba is being used for agriculture, with no focus on long-term sustainability. As a result, after repeated seasons of monoculture and extracting nutrients from the soil without replenishing its health, the community’s hillside farmlands have become degraded and unproductive.

By partnering with Plant With Purpose, farmers associations in Kiremba have worked together to train farmers on sustainable agricultural techniques and soil erosion projects to improve the health of the soil and decrease the rate of hillside erosion. With Plant With Purpose’s holistic approach to environmental restoration and poverty alleviation, the community of Kiremba is experiencing lasting transformation in both their land and their lives.