Beneficiaries: 300Average Annual Income: Less than US $1 a day
Latitude: 3° 15’ 57.64” SLongitude: 37° 30 ’45.11” E
Region: Moshi RuralDistance From Nearest Major City: 110 km NE


With almost impassible roads, the only way to get around the village of Lyasongoro is on foot. Foot travelers can’t escape the desperation of abandoned homes, sagging walls, and crumbling dirt dwellings that contrasts with the natural beauty of the area. A canopy of green foliage peaks over the steep mountains in the distance, but for the people of Lyasongoro, life on the steep hills of Kilimanjaro is anything but picturesque. Failing farms and a dwindling coffee market have forced desperate farmers to clear more and more land just to feed their families. Farmers are in desperate need of sustainable alternatives that will keep their families afloat and return their land to productivity. Your support to the people of Lyasongoro will go toward establishing Village Savings and Loan Associations, family gardens, rainwater collecting cisterns, fuel-efficient stoves, and other sustainable income generating activities.