Muzye is a community of returning refugees. One of the poorest countries in the world, brutal civil war and ethnic conflict, corruption and violence, and poor access to health care and the ravaging effects of HIV/AIDS have left Burundi, and the village of Muzye, shattered and destroyed. Returning refugees face a pressing need to feed their families and rebuild their lives. Despite the bleak outlook, the people of Muzye, who call themselves ‘Dushirehamwe’, which means ‘we make something together from what we have,’ have hope for a better future. With your help, Plant With Purpose will work with farmers in Muzye to utilize sustainable agriculture techniques that will increase their yields and improve their land. Community groups can then use the profits they make off of their improved agriculture to fight poverty and provide loans to group members. In addition to providing credit, these cooperatives allow members to work together toward common goals, rebuilding their confidence in themselves and their community.