Population: 470Average Annual Income: US $700
Latitude: 20° 20’ 4.42” NLongitude: 99° 36’ 4.34” E
Distance from nearest major city: 40 km


The village of Panasawan is rich in vibrant colors and culture, yet plagued with extreme poverty, environmental destruction, and the despair of a displaced and disregarded people. Most of the villagers belong to the Lahu hill tribe. Many older members do not even speak Thai, while the younger generation is forced to seek work in neighboring cities just to keep the family afloat. Soil erosion, poor water quality and sanitation, complex citizenship and land rights issues, and little access to credit has entrapped the community of Panasawan in a seemingly hopeless cycle of poverty and environmental degradation. Plant With Purpose’s innovative, integrated program in Panasawan provides farmers with the environmental and financial training and economic opportunities needed to transform their communities, bringing hope and life to a displaced people. Your help and support will allow Plant With Purpose to assist farmers in establishing sustainable hill side farms and home gardens which will replenish the depleted land and provide much-needed sustenance to rural families.