Population: 200Average Annual Income: US $700
Latitude: 17° 09’ 35“NLongitude: 97° 13’ 35“ W
Location: 3 hours northwest of Oaxaca City

The community of San Juan Tamazola is located on the foothills of the mountainous region of the Nochixtlán district in Oaxaca, Mexico. With much of the community depending on agriculture for income, the community has experienced some tough economic times as prices of corn and beans (their primary crops) have dropped while prices of fertilizer and other agricultural inputs have risen. As a result, many farmers are struggling to provide for themselves and their families.

However, since partnering with Plant With Purpose, the community of Tamazola has made great strides in not only restoring the land but also their livelihoods. The people of Tamazola have implemented many projects, such as community tree nurseries, organic fertilizers, rainwater cisterns, and handicraft workshops. These projects have provided the community with alternative economic opportunities, restored the land, and improved crop yields. As a result of your partnership, the community of Tamazola hopes to see incomes increased, crop yields improved, and the overall quality of life for families positively transformed.