Caring for Creation One Summer Picnic at a Time

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 12, 2014 in General


Creation care is not just about theology. It is about having the creativity to embody our theology imaginatively – flushing toilets with dirty sink water, riding a bike to work as an act of prophetic dissent, or helping an institution become carbon neutral. At its core, creation care is about loving our global neighbor, because the poor suffer the most from the degradation of the earth and the struggle for clean water. For many kids in the concrete jungle of the ghettos and slums, there can be such a disconnection from creation that they feel disconnected from the Creator.

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Summertime is bursting with joy, sunshine, and an invitation to be outside. Afternoons spent picnicking in the shade of a tree fills our lungs with fresh summer air. Saturdays spent in grassy parks playing sports let us soak up rays of sunshine. Trips to blue rivers, beaches, and lakes offer us refreshment from the heat. All of these activities create spaces for our skin to get a little tanner, our spirits to be a little lighter, and our family and friends to be a little closer. What would summer be like without the great outdoors?

Some of our local and global neighbors don’t get to enjoy the refreshment of these summer activities because their access to natural resources is limited, or those resources are disappearing. Only 1% of earth’s water is usable and enough trees to fill Ireland are cut down every year. Lack of access to vital resources robs people of not only the joys that come with soaking up nature but also of the ability to provide for their families. Though the environment influences all of our lives, it is those living in extreme poverty who are most impacted by environmental changes, both for better and for worse.

This summer as you enjoy the outdoors, find creative ways to protect and preserve creation for the wellbeing of the global community. Use the nice weather as an excuse to bike to work, start your own backyard garden, or buy produce at the local farmer’s markets. Invest in a reusable water bottle or coffee cup, donate rather than dump unwanted items, or take home your groceries in a reusable bag rather than a plastic one. By creating innovative ways to enjoy summertime, you will not only steward the environment, but you’ll also gift our global community with the chance to experience the Creator through His creation. We would love to hear what you come up with!

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