Celebrating Jorge’s Graduation

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 30, 2013 in General

Plant With Purpose has worked in Mexico since 1996, so we are starting to see the effects of a generation of parents who wanted a different future for their children. Jorge is an example of a brighter tomorrow, so as June roles around—a month full of caps and gowns, diplomas, and Pomp and Circumstance—we’re celebrating his graduation!


While growing up in the community of Rio Garza, Jorge started to observe the changes that Plant With Purpose’s presence was having on his neighbors and friends. Larger crop yields, a consistent source of water through the newly built cistern, and greater financial freedom appealed to him. Jorge encouraged his parents to participate in these programs, and they began a family garden, fertilized it with organic compost, and planted trees. Jorge also encouraged his parents to help him attend university.

At university, Jorge studied conservation agriculture. Recently, he received his degree. The most encouraging part of Jorge’s story is that he is now employed full time by Plant With Purpose! Jorge spends his days consulting local farming families on how they can integrate the sustainable farming techniques that he studied in school. 

While sharing about a water project in Santa Cruz Mitlatono, another community that partners with Plant With Purpose, Jorge said, “We are planning to attack the problem from the root. Otherwise, there will be a problem of drought over and over again. … We know this won’t be in the blink of an eye. The focus is on the future.

Just a few years prior, Jorge’s focus was on his own future. Today, we celebrate the way he is focusing on the future of entire communities. 

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