A Christmas Wish: Health in Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 12, 2013 in General

blog bannerDiscover the Christmas wishes of farming families around the world. As a December blog series, Plant With Purpose shares what families in each of our six partnering countries wish for, and what gives them hope. Up next: Haiti. 

A majority of rural, impoverished communities lack adequate access to life’s vital ingredient: clean water. When farming families have to walk miles to collect water, they lose valuable time in the fields or at school. And contaminated water from nearby sources can cause illness and even death.

cisternHTMeet Civiné Anne Egzantilia, a mother and member of the Pila community group in Haiti. For years, Civiné’s family lived without year-round access to clean water. But through her involvement with Plant With Purpose, Civiné’s family learned how to build and maintain their own cistern. “One of the biggest successes I knew is the cistern that I benefitted from through Plant With Purpose. It relieved my family because before that, the children and I used to walk 90 minutes to collect a bucket of water,” she says.

By learning how to construct and care for a cistern, Civiné saw her wish for clean water become reality. “Every day the cistern got more important for me because as I become older, I wonder how difficult it will be to go to the spring to collect water”.

It relieved my family…the children and I used to walk 90 minutes to collect a bucket of water.

Now Civine and her children are hydrating their bodies with clean water thanks to this simple yet powerful tool. As an added benefit, they can be more productive with the time they save by not walking miles to a spring.

This Christmas, give any of the three gifts of health to help promote wellbeing for families like Civine’s. You can fulfill their wishes for health by giving a cistern, an ecological latrine, or a wood-saving cookstove.

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