A Christmas Wish: Trees in Thailand

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 17, 2013 in General

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Discover the Christmas wishes of farming families around the world. As a December blog series, Plant With Purpose shares what families in each of our six partnering countries wish for, and what gives them hope. Up next: Thailand. 

This season, the Huay Lu Luang community rejoices over the environmental restoration taking place. This small Thai village has planted 43 agroforestry plots and over 6,000 tree seedlings to date.

Trees mean life for people who live in rural areas. Trees bring productivity to the land so that poor, rural farmers can provide food for their children and income for their families. No one understands this better than farming families who share Plant With Purpose’s vision for a restored earth.

The Huay Lu Luang village in Thailand

The Huay Lu Luang village in Thailand

Mr. JaMaw JaNu is a partnering farmer in Huay Lu Luang. He is thankful for the changes his land and community have experienced through these programs. “I have seen that people in my community have realized that they must protect their environment for themselves and for their children,” he says. “We understand more about our roles in protecting the environment. I can see that our community forest is better.”

The idea of a community forest – a forest where everyone shares responsibility for the care and survival of trees – is an idea that Plant With Purpose is encouraging. Mr. JaMaw JaNu explains, “I can see that people in my community come and work together more to protect their resources and the environment that is part of the creation of God.”

This Christmas, give hope for the future by planting trees! Every dollar you give plants one tree in a deforested community. And while you’re at it, check out our Trees Please! video.

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