Create Your Eden Valley

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 21, 2012 in General

After a couple of stormy days, the sun came out!  The rains brought with them the life giving supply of water to the mountains, watersheds and our yards.  Around here, spring has definitely sprung!  Trees are sending out new growth.  Hillsides are in full bloom.  My Roger’s Red leaves are budding and the scent of freesia fills the air. 

With the weather warming up, it is time to start getting your garden ready for the harvests that are to come.  If your backyard compost pile hasn’t fully brewed, then we want to encourage you to head to an independent garden center and invest not only in your fruits and vegetables but also in Plant With Purpose

Kellogg Garden Products and the Kellogg family are longtime partners and friends of Plant With Purpose.  This spring, they have launched a new high-end line of premium planting mix and potting soil, Eden Valley.  Eden Valley is sustainably produced and comprised of kapok sees and coir from the rainforest.    

Kellogg Garden Product’s philosophy on business is one of giving back. This generosity is rooted in the family run company, which got its start in the 1920s when H.Clay Kellogg Sr. saw the positive effects of adding Nitrohumus to depleted soil.  They are rooted in local planting and give to school programs and community organization.  

We are excited to announce that with each bag of Eden Valley purchased, Kellogg will be donating $1 to Plant With Purpose.  So that means you’re not only going to grow some pretty amazing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers but you’ll also be growing the lives of our brothers and sisters who depend on their soil for survival.  

So, how are you starting spring?  We hope it includes getting your hands dirty as we plant towards changed lives.  Happy gardening!  

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