Down on the Farm: Our Attempt at an Agroforestry Pop-Up Video

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 16, 2012 in General

To the untrained eye (that would be most of us), this photo from Zumbador, Dominican Republic, just has a lot of green and brown going on—trees, vines, and a farmer cutting some timber. 

But when Plant With Purpose’s technical director, Bob Morikawa, saw it, he couldn’t stop talking about the multistorey (sorry, he’s Canadian), multiproduct agroforestry system taking place. And we said, “Whoa. Hold your Canadian horses there, Bob. What did you just say?”

So he sent us this version of an agroforestry pop-up video. And we said, “That makes so much sense, eh!”

ag·ro·for·est·ry [ag-roh-fawruh-stree, for-]  
a method and system of land management involving the simultaneous cultivation of farm crops and trees; agriculture incorporating the growing of trees: Agroforestry ensures a continuous food supply, some continuous economic return, and the avoidance of soil degradation.

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