Farming Together in Burundi

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 26, 2013 in General


In rural communities like Kiremba, Burundi we are seeing dreams become reality for parents like Elisé Kaganda. Elise is a typical Burundian father working hard to raise 10 children. He is a pastor but supports his family through farming—raising chickens and cows, and growing cash crops of potatoes and bananas.

After going through Plant With Purpose’s “Theology of Work” curriculum, Elisé shares, “I see things more clearly.” He now understands the link between faith and the environment. Elisé reports, “We have realized that we cannot separate the environment and any aspect of life like spiritual growth, farming, economic, and social issues.”

EliseFarmThis interconnectedness is playing out not only in different areas of individual’s lives, but also in the form of community. In Burundi, a creative solution to lack of access to land has resulted in farmer associations. A group of farmers in need come together to plant and harvest crops on land that would otherwise be too much for just the owner to manage on their own.

Elisé belongs to the Turwanyinzara association. One of the most exciting parts about farmer associations is that they are bringing people together to accomplish more than they could on their own. “We hope that gradually we can achieve this dream of developing our agricultural activities to meet our food needs and at the same time give us income.”

Already this dream is being achieved! Elisé is able to help his son by paying part of his university fees from income. What a great reminder of what working together can accomplish!

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