“Everything changed in my life”

Written by Plant With Purpose on February 8, 2013 in General

In small communities around the world, Plant With Purpose is seeing lives changed in dramatic ways. In a village called Kilometer 61 in central Dominican Republic, stories of despair are turning into stories of hope-filled futures.       


Kilometer 61 is a community of farmers whose cash crop is oregano. Thirty of the farmers also participate in a weekly Village Savings and Loan Associations program, where they come together to build their savings and create credit opportunities for other group members. Juana Cruz is one of those members.

Celebrate her story of transformation with us! 

She shares, “I used to live tormented by the burden of vicious debt and addictions. I asked God to liberate me from smoking and gambling. I was also a slave to tarot readings. I used to spend all of my money on my addictions, and as a result my financial situation was terrible. When Plant With Purpose came with the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) program, everything changed in my life. I’ve learned the importance of savings. I am grateful to God and I will never stop saving. My life has been transformed! We have opportunities to borrow money to resolve any need, even to strengthen businesses. Plant With Purpose is a catalyst of blessings for our community. The results are impressive!”

Plant With Purpose is working to get at the root causes of rural poverty and to help people improve their well-being. But here’s the part we love the most: The families and individuals we partner with are the ones doing the hard work to lift themselves out of poverty. Instead of providing charity, we provide opportunities. And as people take advantage of those opportunities, God is changing lives in rural communities worldwide. 

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