Faces Of Our Farmers

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 12, 2012 in General

Meet some of the farmers that work with Plant With Purpose from all around the world! 


A farmer partnering with Plant With Purpose in Panasawan, Thailand.  Because it is a mountainous region, much of the work goes into planting crops and trees in strips across the hillsides to prevent soil erosion. While keeping the precious topsoil in place, these trees and crops are also produce valuable fruit and produce, so it’s a win-win way to farm!


Farmers of the future? Children from the Ashira Secondary School in Ashira, Tanzania, help with a reforestation project while learning to grow and sell tree seedlings.


Josafat Paraisy with his grafted orange tree in Woje, Haiti. By grafting sweet oranges onto the sour orange trees that grow well in Haitit, Josafat has a hardy tree that gives sweet and profitable fruit.


From such small seed…. This is a farmer with his seed in Musongati, Burundi. With arrowroot, bananas, cassava, and other types of trees being planted, there is a lot to do.


Pedro Miguel proudly stands by tomatoes grown in the Rio Plaza community green house in Mexico. Operated by ten families, the green house produced 7 tons of tomatoes last season that sold well in the market. Pedro has good reason to smile!



More trees! Agroforestry farms are doing well in Dominican Republic. On these farms, trees such as banana, avocado, and cacao are grown in the midst of lower standing crops like coffee, basil, and beans. In this way farms become more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

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