Farm Friday: Planting Futures

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 8, 2014 in Farm Friday

What comes to mind when you think about farms? Images of tractors, flat cropland, fields of wheat, chickens, barns, and a farmer in overalls are typical pictures that characterize the American farm.

Farms in developing countries mean every square inch of property owned by a family, which holds value in cultivating sustenance from the ground. It is the lives of these “farmers” that Plant With Purpose has seen transformed over our 30 years as an organization. These next few months we will be sharing stories of family farmers who have been impacted by Plant With Purpose.

Today we continue the story of Alejandro in the Dominican Republic and share about the growth he is experiencing in his relationship with God as well as the growth on his farm. If you missed reading about the financial freedom that Alejandro is experiencing, start by reading Savings Groups: Lending a Hand to Change.

Loma Verde 1

By Brittany Raab
Plant With Purpose’s focus on spiritual renewal with trainings for leaders in Church, Community, and Change curriculum has encouraged the hearts of pastors and community leaders in Loma Verde. The centrality of the Gospel within Plant With Purpose’s program filters into all aspects of the program. Each savings group begins with prayer and a message from the Word of God. Additional spiritual support extends in giving Bibles and other resources needed for local Bible study groups to meet.

Alejandro agrees that, “This has helped to spiritually strengthen the members of the group.” In elaboration he shares, “Through Plant With Purpose, I have further strengthened my devotion to God because in the savings group we read the Bible, pray and there is a reflection of the message. This has impacted my spiritual life. As well, the community is now more unified.”

DRpineapplesPlant With Purpose also invests efforts to change the way family farmers like Alejandro see their surroundings. Alejandro shares that, “Plant With Purpose has taught us to protect the environment through workshops on soil conservation, processing of organic fertilizers, environmental benefits of trees for the protection of our farms.” This education shaped him and his neighbors in Loma Verde. He continues, “After receiving the trainings, we have seen the improvement of the soil. Now we care more for the trees and the water and we are more aware to caring for the environment.” Not only are the trees having a positive impact on the environment but they are also helping Alejandro economically, “I thank God because the trees planted are producing and are generating revenue that is improving my life today.”

For Alejandro, Plant With Purpose has been the helping hand he needed to change his family’s reality. From trainings on sustainable farming, to his community-based saving group, Alejandro has watched his “wish list” for his family and his future shrink before his eyes and wishes become reality. He is more confident and in control of his finances. With the tips and techniques he has learned, Alejandro is preparing for a successful future for his family, business, farm, and home.

We are grateful to our Plant With Purpose supporters who have made this uplifting outcome possible. If you are interested in donating to improve the lives of more people like Alejandro, please following this link and Give to Grow.

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