Five Ways Plant With Purpose Engages the Local Church

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 29, 2013 in General, List

Throughout our international programs, Plant With Purpose is committed to investing spiritually in rural communities through the local church. That involvement looks different from country to country. Here are five ways Plant With Purpose is sharing the love of God by planting spiritual seeds:

1. Redemptive Agriculture in Tanzania

Principles for farming, caring for creation, and tending to livestock can all be found in the Bible. This twelve-week biblical agriculture study empowers families to farm in a way that honors the Lord and provides a scriptural basis for being  good stewards of their resources.


2. Church, Community, and Change in the Dominican Republic

Pastors asked their congregations to assess needs in their communities. This launched a major effort by Plant With Purpose to partner with churches in organizing adult literacy courses. With illiteracy as a country-wide problem, these courses are a tangible way to meet needs and share the love of Christ with their neighbors.


3. Theology of Work in Burundi

This study focuses on the biblical call for people to actively participate in the world that God created. During Burundi’s long-term civil war, economic activity became impossible and people passed their days sitting in refugee camps. The “Theology of Work” study is inspiring church members to get busy, plant crops, physically build their churches, start businesses, and participate in other aspects of Plant With Purpose’s programs.


4. Creation Care in Mexico

Following Bible studies on Creation Care, churches in Oaxaca decided that they needed to lead the way in being stewards of the environment. Many Oaxacan congregations have started community-recycling programs to do their part in properly managing trash.


5. First Friday Prayer

On the first Friday of every month, prayer requests from the international Plant With Purpose family are compiled and prayed over by staff and supporters worldwide. Prayer requests are posted on the blog the Thursday prior. Plan on joining us in praying that God would lead the way in changing the lives of farming families around the world through Plant With Purpose.

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