Fresh Water Provides Hope for a Village in Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 28, 2010 in General

Meet Claudette Charles, pictured on the right with some of her family members. Claudette has been a member of the Boudon community group in Haiti since 2005.

The local water source in their community, a captured spring, was damaged by the January 12th earthquake and is now unusable. The current water source is up to three hours away and has a low volume of water. There are currently eight people living in Claudette’s house, although after the earthquake she was hosting up to 23 people, some family, some friends, for two months. She is a merchant and so she sold what she could to buy food for everyone. Claudette noted that the visitors didn’t help much. “You know city people don’t like farm work,” she said. Some of them have returned to the city and are in school, and some are doing business.

In regards to Plant With Purpose, Claudette said, “Floresta-Haiti was the only organization who helped. They gave rice, oil, beans, both for food and seed.”

Claudette’s community has planted trees, although with poor survival so far, and also built contour canals and rock barriers. In the past month, Plant With Purpose was able to help provide the materials for the village of Boudon to build a cistern. Over time, this community will pay for the cistern with 20% cash, and 80% in tree seedlings. Claudette will use the water in the cistern for tree seedling production, especially Catalpa longissima, and citrus. They might also plan to water some seedlings once transplanted to the field to improve survival.

The new cistern will allow Claudette and the community of Boudon to improve and increase their seedling production and reforestation efforts. 

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