GIVE Gifts of Hope This Christmas

Written by Plant With Purpose on November 5, 2013 in General, News & Events


Uncommon gifts–a cheeping chick, breeding bunnies, a family garden–provide extraordinary benefits to families living in poor, rural communities around the world. Take Mrs. Eleazar Pacheco Hernandez, a wife and mother living in Monte Flor, Mexico, for example. Eleazar tends to the family’s vegetable garden and their chickens.

Vegetables from the garden provide a stable diet with the eggs, increasing the consumption of protein for her children. The sale of surplus produce and eggs has increased Eleazar’s income. She even purchased a garden hose, which allows her to water her garden with greater ease while also expanding its size. Eleazar credits Plant With Purpose for improving her ability to provide for her children.

Plant With Purpose’s online Gift Catalog provides the opportunity to give the Gift of Hope to families in need on behalf of someone you love!

This Christmas, help families like the Hernandezes change their circumstances.


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