Give the Gift of Health: Fuel-Efficient Stoves

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 17, 2012 in General

Well wishes for good health abound during the Christmas season. It is a wish spoken around the world. And it is a wish that you can make come true for those in need.

Many aspects of Plant With Purpose programs focus on the health of individuals, families, and children. We are seeing impressive results as small changes increase well-being.


Plant With Purpose Tanzania has brought fuel-efficient stoves to families in the community of Mshiri. Grace Godlisten Shayo says she is very thankful for her stove because it minimizes the use of firewood—saving money and decreasing deforestation in her community. The improved stove allows Grace to cook faster with less indoor smoke, reducing the risk of smoke-related illness.

Grace cooks maandazi (doughnuts) to sell. One bundle of firewood used to support two cooking sessions, but now she is able to get six to eight sessions out of one bundle. The stove not only saves on fuel but also on the amount of time it takes to cook the maandazi. Productivity has increased from 180 maandazi to 240, all while using less firewood.

Image: Valentine Mboya cooking over her fuel-efficient stove in TZ

With almost 2 million people dying prematurely from indoor smoke pollution, these stoves are improving the health of women and children worldwide. This Christmas, you can help others like Grace by giving the gift of health through purchasing a fuel-efficient stove.

Gifts of Health in Plant With Purpose Online Gift Catalog include:

Give the Gift of Health: Fuel-Efficient Stove
Half the world’s families cook meals on open-flame stoves that cause premature deaths and rampant deforestation. The gift of an improved wood-saving stove can help restore health to families and forests.
 • A $30 donation will provide a fuel-efficient stove for a family in need.

Give the Gift of Health: Cistern
The gift of a cistern provides a year-round supply of water so farmers can grow crops that feed their families even in the dry season.
 • A donation of $1,000 will build an entire cistern for a community in need.
 • A share of $100 will contribute toward the overall cost of a cistern project.

Give the Gift of Health: Ecological Latrine
An ecological latrine offers the gift of health by reducing water pollution and the possibility of water-related illness.
 • Your donation of $300 will support an entire ecological latrine project.
 • A share of $50 will contribute toward the overall cost of an ecological latrine project.

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