Green with….Love?

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 21, 2010 in General

by Aly Lewis

Looking for a way to give back on your wedding day?

Now I’ve heard of love ferns (thank you How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) and blossoming romance, but love seedlings is a new one for me. Recently two of my wonderfully creative, generous, and oh-so-eco-friendly friends and newlyweds, Jay and Drew Jones, chose to plant a tree on behalf of each of their guests in lieu of wedding favors. They simply added a short blurb (and super cute tree icon) into their wedding programs to tell their guests about their donation.  What an awesome idea!

Just yesterday Corbyn blogged about the life-giving benefits of planting trees, and what better way to celebrate love than going green with love on your wedding day?

To donate to trees as a part of a wedding celebration, or any celebration for that matter, click here. Thanks to the creativity and kindness of people like Drew and Jay, Plant With Purpose is empowering farmers around the world to replenish their land, earn a sustainable income, overcome poverty, and transform their lives.

I was so inspired by Drew and Jay’s thoughtfulness, I wrote a little poem in honor of their growing love for each other, the earth, and the rural poor. Enjoy!

I have a friend named Drew,
And she just got married it’s true.
She wed this guy named Jay,

And for their special day
—the day that they got hitched—

The wedding favors were ditched.
In lieu of favors like these, 
They planted hundreds of trees

To empower the rural poor
To replenish, rebuild, and restore.
I am grateful for people like them

Whose hearts are truly gems

And I hope that their love overflowing
Will continue steadily growing.

     Thanks again Drew and Jay! And to all the Plant With Purpose supporters who have come up with creative, quirky, and downright cool ways to support us and partner with communities around the globe to transform their lives.  

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