Haiti Relief Update: Plant With Purpose Spills the Beans

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 26, 2010 in General

by Aly Lewis

Plant With Purpose has
supplied 2,716 farmers with 79, 225 pounds of local bean seeds as a part of our relief and recovery project in Haiti. Farmers planted these seeds back in February and the results are cropping up across farmers’ fields. Beans are a two-month crop and farmers will be able to harvest their produce in just a couple of weeks, which will enable them to meet their household staple needs and also generate income by selling surplus beans at the market. This will increase food security in the communities where we work and provide food to be exported to urban areas.

Below, you can see how the results of Plant With Purpose’s seed distribution project are “sprouting up:”

With Plant With Purpose’s help, farmers are growing nutritious food to feed their families in the next harvest.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and prayers for our recovery project, and don’t be afraid to spill the beans about the great work Plant With Purpose is doing in Haiti! ( I apologize for the excessive use of puns in this post, but hey, I’m a wordsmith, not a bean counter)

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