Happy Birthday, Plant With Purpose Mexico!

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 22, 2010 in General

by Aly Lewis

Today marks the 11th birthday of Plant With Purpose Mexico.  For the past 11 years Plant With Purpose’s compassionate staff has partnered with 540 families in 52 villages in Oaxaca, Mexico to meet their basic needs, generate stable income, and restore relationships. Throughout its history, Plant With Purpose has established relationships with communities, churches, and individuals, accompanying and learning from them on this journey of transformation.These relationships form the foundation of our community development work, and we have been thrilled to see our work spread organically throughout the region.

For example, the people of San Andrés Nuxiño canʼt keep quiet about Plant With Purpose.  As Plant With Purpose equips farmers with the skills and knowledge needed to implement sustainable projects, the farmers canʼt help but pass on what they learn. 

This willingness of community members to share their knowledge and success with their neighbors made all the difference for Heraclio García Pérez. Heraclio was invited to be a part of a community greenhouse that Plant With Purpose had helped establish. The greenhouse benefits three families directly through the production, consumption, and marketing of the tomatoes and even more families indirectly as the availability of quality, nutritious produce increases. They can in turn sell the excess fruits to supplement their income and even send their children to school!

The greenhouse is just one of the many Plant With Purpose projects that have helped improve Heraclioʼs familyʼs health and income. Heraclio says, “Through the projects I have income, better quality of life, and a better relationship with God.”

This is just one of the many exciting examples of the transformation taking place in the as Plant With Purpose joins with the people of Oaxaca to revive their land, provide for their families, overcome poverty, and bring hope to their communities. 

Here’s to 11 years of partnership, planting, and progress!

Happy Birthday, Plant With Purpose Mexico!

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