A Christmas Wish: Health in the Dominican Republic

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 19, 2013 in General

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Discover the Christmas wishes of farming families around the world. As a December blog series, Plant With Purpose shares what families in each of our six partnering countries wish for, and what gives them hope. Up next: Dominican Republic.

Los Mogotes, a partnering community in the Dominican Republic, has a long history of transformation. Since 1988, the community and Plant With Purpose have worked jointly to bring about environmental restoration, spiritual renewal, and economic empowerment.

When Plant With Purpose first became involved, Los Mogotes families suffered from acute poverty. Roads were poorly maintained; homes had dirt floors, tin roofs, and little else. To make matters worse, farmilies would get their water directly from rivers and creeks, resulting in high degrees of gastro-intestinal illnesses.

Rafael de Dios, a farmer from Los Mogotes

Rafael de Dios, a farmer from Los Mogotes

The most significant transformation in Los Mogotes is improved health, due mainly to the installation of an aqueduct, which supplies clean drinking water. This innovation transformed the dream of clean water and better health into a reality for the families of Los Mogotes. Today people consume clean water daily and are much healthier. In addition, the community now enjoys paved roads and access to a primary care health center, a community center, and a high school.

Rafael de Dios, a local farmer, sums up the changes of 25 years: “I have been blessed spiritually, economically, and materially.”

This Christmas, give any of the three gifts of health and help communities like Los Mogotes move toward their goal of holistic development. You can fulfill the wish for good health by giving a cistern, an ecological latrine, or a wood-saving cookstove.

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