Help Us In Welcoming Sarah!

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 27, 2012 in General

There’s a new intern on deck in the marketing department at Plant With Purpose, that’s me Sarah Lewis, putting the ‘elation’ back in ‘Public Relation.’  What am I elated about you might ask? As the new PR/Marketing Intern, I have the opportunity to dig my hands deeper into the soil of Plant With Purpose’s mission and vision in communicating and promoting environmental restoration to a global community…but I’m getting ahead of myself, let me give you the scoop on who I am.

We’ve probably met before. You know the woman in front of you in line at the grocery store who was intermittently chuckling to herself, and later proceeded in riding her grocery cart like a luge to the car? Nice to meet you, too.

I’m a high energy person with large ambitions wrapped up into an equally large 6’3’’ package. Don’t worry, I try and funnel all the energy and spunk into multiple avenues, so not just one place gets “spunkified.” I am currently a Youth Director for 2 San Diego churches, as well as a Youth Activities Coordinator for a local refugee organization.

I was born and raised in San Diego, but was plucked off the southern California vine when I was recruited to play volleyball at San Francisco State University. God not only gave me a stepping stone because of my athletic ability, he also gave me a future by ripening my passions for international justice, and leading me to my undergraduate degree in International Relations with an emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture. 

Everything changed for me in the fall of 2008 when I took my first upper division course entitled “Political Food Economy.” I learned that first day how the food I love to eat (and let’s admit it now, I love to eat lots of food) comes at a cost. The cost isn’t completely conveyed on the price tag or read in the detail of the bar code, the cost is measured by the people that work to plant, produce, and package that food so it can sit on my plate come dinner time. That’s why I’m here at Plant With Purpose, to not only relate these ideas to those that wish to learn about their earth and our fellow man, but to also reinforce the mission Plant With Purpose has in transforming lives by providing and encouraging the rural poor to generate their own sustainability through agriculture.

I’m glad we’re now formally acquainted, I hope to be seeing you down the road these next couple months, and remember to give that woman laughing in front of you in line a break,  they might be a Plant With Purpose intern remembering a funny joke.

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