Hope Takes Root in a Second Generation in Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 8, 2011 in General

By Kate Nare, Marketing Coordinator

Meet Elizé Calixte from the Savanette community in Haiti. He is 19 years old and lives with his mom, his step-father, and six other relatives. His mother has been working with Plant With Purpose’s Haiti program, Floresta-Haiti, since 2007. She earns a living by baking and selling bread in the market to contribute to the family’s income. Additionally, with loans she received from Floresta-Haiti she was able to construct a cistern, begin diverse farming techniques, and send Elizé to school.

Recently, Elizé graduated from high school and officially became a member of the Savanette Floresta-Haiti community group. He is using his carpentry skills to make furniture which he sells in the market. Since joining the group Elizé has contributed to the micro-watershed restoration project, which involves constructing soil conservation barriers and planting trees to restore the health of the soil and prevent erosion. He has also learned diverse agro-forestry practices, such as growing fruit trees side by side with timber trees to prevent soil erosion and increase his yields to provide food and income for his family.

Elizé’s mother said, “Floresta-Haiti has taught us many things and we are very grateful. We are excited to see our lives improving and it is a joy for me to see my son using his education to help our family. His has a very entrepreneurial spirit.”

This is what Plant With Purpose’s work is all about: families learning and implementing sustainable techniques to lift themselves out of poverty and create opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and provide hope for the next generation. Elizé’s story is one of many, and we are honored and grateful to work with these hard-working individuals.

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