How Basket Weaving Changed Lives in Oaxaca, Mexico, and How You Can Take Part!

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 8, 2013 in General

Feliciana has been professionally knitting for years, it is how she makes her living. She and her women’s handicraft group in Oaxaca, Mexico get together and knit amazing works of art to sell in their local markets, providing for themselves and their families. The only thing is, yarn is not their material of choice. These women have developed the skill of knitting PINE NEEDLES into beautiful baskets of all shapes and sizes.

Basket weaving was not a skill traditionally practiced in this region. Plant With Purpose provided the training, but it was this group of women that took making baskets to heart. The process is extensive. The pine needles must first be dried in the sun to retain their color, and then boiled for two hours so they can be molded into shape. The process can take a full 48 hours per basket, but it is well worth the effort. Women like Feliciana have a new sense of empowerment as they help their families get the nutrition and healthcare they need.

Plant With Purpose partners with women’s groups around the world to provide the training they need to start their own sustainable businesses. When given the opportunity, these businesses thrive; giving the women involved a means to consistently provide for their families. Plant With Purpose also helps bring in revenue for our partnered women’s groups by selling the goods they make on our online store! Along with other goods that help support, well, our purpose, these baskets make meaningful gifts to loved ones.

How can you help? Buying a basket or other handicraft is a great way to support women like Feliciana, as well as an opportunity to share our work. The store also has other items—like our spiffy T-shirt and book written by our Executive Director Scott Sabin—that contribute to the impact that we are able to make around the world. So instead of getting your loved one that Christmas sweater they will never wear, buy them the gift that will contribute to the ripple effect of hope in other parts of the world. Visit to browse through gifts today!

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