In God’s Hands

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 23, 2012 in General

Today we welcome the creative, passionate, and inspiring Jenney Heffel to the team as one of our fall Development Department Interns.  

Having just graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University last spring, I have now entered that strange phase of life after college. In this new stage of life, God has guided me back to Plant With Purpose.  During college, I became passionate about Creation Care theology, poetry, and community gardens. In turn, I have always had a soft spot for Plant With Purpose, but while a student, I couldn’t fit an internship into my class schedule.  

Now I am here, sitting at a brown desk, most likely made of pine, and a Plant With Purpose postcard is staring at me with the face of a dear old woman; she is probably from Thailand.  Her eyes are crinkled in a smile. I am a brown-haired, previously blue-haired PLNU college graduate who writes poems and wears teal moccasins in crowded coffee shops in the late blue evening. These two lives are undoubtedly different. But it doesn’t matter if we are different, because I am so thankful to God to be in this place—contributing to a work that is much greater than my small self.  

It seems almost inevitable that wherever I seem to go, I stumble into working with the Church. Whether tromping through Belizean rainforest to study the ecology of blue-throated tanagers, to hear God’s call in the trees, or sorting through trash and recycling for America Recycles Day, I strive to devote myself to God’s earth and God’s people. These pockets of work and people just seem to find me, or maybe God places me with them (I am not sure which).

I am proud to call myself a follower of Christ, a writer, a feminist, an environmentalist, and now a Development Intern for PWP.  There is nowhere else I would rather have the opportunity to work. The collision of Christ and conservation in the nonprofit sector is a rare and beautiful thing. Here it is, and so am I.

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