It’s a Nice Day for a Green (WED)ding…World Environment Day that is!

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 5, 2012 in General

By Sarah Lewis 

Help us keep the flame alive as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of World Environment Day (WED)! Instead of giving the traditional gift of rubies for the 40 year mile marker, let’s exchange a red treasure with a green one.

This year’s WED theme highlights the “Green Economy” and their slogan specifically asks, “Does it include you?”  The United Nations Environment Programme who sponsors World Environment Day, describes the Green Economy as “the result in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.”  Try not to shut down from the wordy explanation. The Green Economy simply stated is an economy that is resource efficient and socially inclusive. The latter half of that statement automatically includes you!

Did you know there is a social component that is recognized in economic growth? Take a step back and think to yourself how you contribute to a more sustainable world. Whether recognized or not, we are surrounded by this idea of a Green Economy. Here at Plant With Purpose we’d like to know if you’re “WED” to the idea or not.

When you make small sacrifices in becoming more accountable towards God’s creation, like carpooling to work, recycling your plastics, composting, and supporting PWP’s global initiatives, you are joining a community of individuals around the globe who are propping up the Green Economy umbrella. Like the old adage says “When it rains it pours,” so why don’t you share with a friend today the ways they can improve their environmental awareness and stand under the green umbrella together.

So on this (WED)ding day let’s take an environmental vow together that “I (insert name), take you Green Economy, to recognize and hold from this day forward, for better or for greater, for biodiversity, for the poor, in hard times and in good, to love and cherish the environment, from this day forward.”

Say “I Do” with Plant With Purpose and check out our website for more ideas on simple, positive changes you can make and encourage others to do the same on World Environment Day.

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