It’s Our Birthday ~ PWP Turns 28!

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 2, 2012 in General

Blow up some balloons, bake a cake, wrap a present, and join us in celebrating! It’s our birthday! Plant With Purpose was incorporated on this date in 1984 making us 28 years old today!

Below is a timeline that hits on some of the highlights from these past 28 years of serving the rural poor.

July 2nd, 1984, Floresta was incorporated in the US under the leadership of Tom Woodard who had been sent to the Dominican Republic by Mount Soledad Presbyterian Church.

Woodard saw that much of the human misery in the tropics was rooted in      deforestation and environmental degradation. In turn, much of the deforestation stemmed from a lack of economic options.

Motivated by the Christian call to help the poor, Woodard and his colleagues developed Floresta to meet the environmental, economic, and spiritual needs of the rural people of the Dominican Republic. Floresta was founded as two independent and complementary institutions each with its own national board of directors.

1984 Floresta Dominican Republic was incorporated.

1994 Exploratory work began in Oaxaca, Mexico.

1995 First trip to Haiti with Alternative Gifts International and Episcopal priest, Pere Albert.

1997 Hire our first Country Director for Floresta Ayiti (Plant With Purpose Haiti), Jean Marie Desilus, known to everyone as Dezo.

1999 Misión Integral (Plant With Purpose Mexico) was founded.  

2003 Cindy Outlaw encourages working in Tanzania. Technical Director, Bob Morikawa spends half a year researching and building strategic relationships for the launch.

2004 Plant With Purpose Tanzania formally begins.

2008 Plant With Purpose and Upland Holistic Development Project (UHDP) collaborate on agroforestry research in Thailand — laying the foundation for our partnership.

2008 Lazare Sebitereko becomes the pilot project manager for Plant With Purpose Burundi. Plant WIth Purpose Burundi becomes our sixth international program.

2008 “Plant WIth Purpose” is launched as Floresta’s first effort to attract a national audience.

2010 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti necessitates a massive relief effort.  Plant With Purpose employs 4,300 Haitians constructing over 600 miles of soil erosion barriers, providing much needed jobs and preparing for the hurricane season.

2010 Floresta USA is renamed Plant With Purpose.

2010 Tending To Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God’s People by Executive Director Scott Sabin is published. 

2012 7.5 million trees are planted through our international programs.

Thank you for the part you have played in supporting us as an organization, your prayers, your words of encouragement, your desire to see the lives of the rural poor transformed which have all allowed us to mature into the 20something that we are today. We’re looking forward to many more reasons to celebrate in the years ahead as we continue to mature.


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