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Written by Plant With Purpose on February 2, 2012 in General

As you may or may not know, the entire Plant With Purpose family (I’m talking from San Diego to Santo Domingo to Mount Kilimanjaro) commits time the first Friday of every month to pray for the transformational work God has called us to participate in. 

We pray other days too, of course, but the first Friday of the month is a day set apart for prayer, reflection, and adoration—together in spirit though distant in geography. 

We invite you to join us tomorrow as we lift up the following prayers and praises for each country where we work. And if you’d like to be kept in the loop, sign up HERE to receive the prayer letter update each month straight to your Inbox. 

God, we ask that you would hear our prayers:


We praise God for:

  • A great start to the new year.  

We pray For:

  • God’s guidance of the trainings on Village Savings and Loan Associations and Holistic Ministry that our staff and farmers will participate in this month.
  • The success of an exciting new project that will empower local schools to teach farming and sustainable agriculture.


We praise God for:

  • The approval of the UN Environmental Program proposal for Sustainable Agroforestry farms in the border region. This will empower many more rural families to simultaneously replenish their land and improve their crop yields.

We pray for:

  • God’s guidance in hiring a new Coordinator for Spiritual Development in the border region. The coordinator will develop relationships with local churches, equip pastors for better outreach, distribute relevant Bible study curriculum and training materials, and coordinate local outreach events at churches and schools. 
  • Wisdom and energy for the literacy facilitators that participate in the “Church, Community, and Change” project. This project empowers the local church to be an agent of positive change in the community. The first area churches have identified as an urgent need in the community is literacy, so Plant With Purpose has partnered with churches to offer literacy classes to community members. 
  • For a smooth and effective transition from our traditional credit cooperatives to a savings-led model. Savings groups provide farmers who usually wouldn’t have access to financial services such as savings and loans with the opportunity to save their money in a safe place, receive loans to invest in businesses, and build a network of community and accountability.


We praise God for:

  • A safe and productive trip to Haiti for Doug Satre, Development Director, and fruitful meetings with the SG and Kellogg Foundations.

We pray for: 

  • Our partnership with the Cooperative Baptist fellowship and the new project in the community of Magandou. 
  • The reconstruction and rebuilding of Haiti as families work to transform their lives.


We praise God for:

  • The excellent work of stewardship of creation that is being done with local churches. 
  • The spaces for new children’s clubs that have opened. After-school children’s clubs provide an opportunity for Plant With Purpose to equip youth to lead a dedicated Christian life.

We pray for:

  • A new health project, and enthusiasm for the participants whose training begins this month. Pray that many would experience healing and improved health. 
  • The prospect of expanding to another area, that God gives us wisdom and guidance. 
  • Our work in the area of Mitlatongo, where devastating mudslides occurred a few months ago. Pray for the recovery of families who were affected.


We praise God for:

  • The successful USAID audit.

We pray for:

  • Continued growth and team spirit among the Plant With Purpose Tanzania team. We’re working hard to build a strong team that works well together and reflects God’s love. 
  • The sustainable agriculture and VICOBA competition that is currently underway throughout the entire Kilimanjaro region. We hope that this will ignite further excitement within the community for learning about and applying best practices in sustainable agriculture. 
  • The organic agriculture tradeshow that we’ve been working hard to plan. We hope that it will be a success and a great opportunity for farmers to be able to connect to buyers and markets.


We praise God for:

  • The good work that is being done.

We pray for:

  • The final stage of Community Land Deed process at Huay Lu Luang. Pray that God will be with all the parties involved in the approval process. When it’s approved, the village will fully own the land and will also become a national example for other villages in how to protect and conserve their natural resources. 
  • The new Village Savings and Loan groups that will be forming soon in target areas. 
  • God to guide our thoughts and grant us wisdom in working with non-Christian villages to promote their roles in the communities in responding to the social and moral issues. 
  • The movement of local churches throughout northern Thailand. Pray that God would give us wisdom and would strengthen our network and unity so we could become salt and light.


We praise God for:

  • Becky, our new Marketing & Events Coordinator. We thank God for her arrival in January. 
  • The Coast Vineyard film screening of 58: The Film. It was a great success.

We pray for:

  • Doug and Jimmy’s trip to Haiti with La Jolla Presbyterian Church and St. Clements Episcopal. Pray for safe travels and a wonderful time of fellowship. 
  • The new board members that have just joined the Plant With Purpose board. We are so excited that they are part of the team! 
  • A safe and successful visit of a few board members from the Tanzania program. 
  • Program Officer, Christi’s visit to Tanzania. 
  • Corbyn Small’s new role as Regional Representative, and that his efforts would be blessed as he travels and builds new relationships.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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