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Written by Becky Rosaler on February 27, 2013 in General


As the great movers and shakers of the justice movement took stage during the Justice Conference 2013, themes began to surface.

Ken Wytsma spoke of how justice is not a good thing, but a necessary thing that is rooted in the heart of God. He said we can’t fix the world, but we can change the world. This change needs to take place through conversations full of humility as we listen and lament with those going through the muck and the mire.

“Just because we can’t fix the world doesn’t mean we can’t change the world.”          — Ken Wytsma 

We heard from Eugene Cho that solutions to justice don’t have quick fixes, short-term solutions, or simple answers. This movement is going to need people dedicated for the long haul, who are prepared to run a marathon, and who are willing to go deep on these issues. There are costs associated with the marathon. These costs remind us that we need to be aware of personal care so not to burn out or fall short of our goal.

“When the grass looks greener on the other side, it’s the Spirit telling you to water the grass you’re standing on.” — Eugene Cho

Gary Haugen from International Justice Mission broke down the long, hard hours that his field investigators are giving toward justice. He also spoke of the long obedience in the same direction and the commitment to prayer required to see justice come. And he offered the hope that when people write about this era in the future, they will be sharing about the justice movement taking place.

“If we are to have any hope in this work of recovering justice, we must recover prayer.” — Gary Haugen

In the spirit of Isaiah, Shane Claiborne turned a gun into a plowshare. Grace has the power to dull even the sharpest sword. Shane Claiborne encouraged us to wear people down by our love, to extend grace, and to love people back to life.

“The closer we are to God, the less we want to throw stones at each other.”              — Shane Claiborne

These are just a few of the sound bites that were absorbed. In them, themes of humility in listening, honoring those who have gone before us, lamenting with those in the midst of struggle, preparing for the long-haul of the fight, and rejoicing in triumphs were brought up again and again.

What an honor it was to be present at the Justice Conference with so many heroes who are pounding out the marathon of social change.

I have to say though that it is even more of a privilege to work alongside the men and women in six countries around the world who are training and empowering their fellow countrymen. In Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Tanzania, Burundi, and Thailand, justice is spreading community by community, hillside by hillside, farm plot by farm plot as God’s people, my heroes, act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God.

Is Justice Worth It?
featuring Micah Bournes


Save the date now, the Justice Conference 2014 will be taking place February 21 + 22 in Los Angeles.

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