Written by Annelise Jolley on February 25, 2014 in General
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Dr. Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaks at the Orpheum Theatre

Over the weekend, thought leaders, authors, theologians, and justice advocates congregated in downtown Los Angeles. The Orpheum Theatre set the platform for a three-day conversation about social justice and Christ’s call to love our broken world. But the weekend didn’t end at conversation. Over and over, conference participants exhorted each other to move forward in the slow work of living justly. While we were encouraged by speakers and fellow exhibitors, the weekend pushed us beyond theoretical ideas. After all, Jesus’ example does not call us to merely talk about justice, but to go forth and live it. As author Donald Miller put it, “You have the agency and responsibility to do something beautiful. It’s not that we can live a meaningful life, but that we should.”

Here are a few organizations doing justice around the world. We were blessed to learn about their work (and the work of many others) at The Justice Conference and hope you will be, too.

Trezò d’Haïti coffee seeks to empower and inspire others – one farmer, one bean, one cup at a time. The organization partners with Haitian coffee growers to invest in their livelihoods and personal development over the long haul.

Preemptive Love Coalition provides lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi children in pursuit of peace between communities at odds. The organization’s core values hinge on reconciliation, whole solutions for whole people, and long-term, local solutions. Beyond their lifesaving programs, Preemptive Love seeks to reach across divides and love others first.

Yobel International seeks to empower marginalized people around the world through business training and development. Yobel invests in building projects that improve infrastructure and promote education, and inspires communities to pursue the hope of freedom and abundant life.

TJC2014As we move forward in the slow but steady work of restoring rural land and livelihoods, we are grateful for friends like these who are pursuing justice in their own spheres. We are motivated by a common vision to see God’s kingdom come to earth – a kingdom that is, as pastor Eugene Cho said, “about human flourishing.” Let’s go forth knowing God is on the side of social justice, and that He will eventually bring all of His people into flourishing.

To read more inspiring thoughts from the conference, search Twitter using the hashtag #Justice2014. You can also catch main speaker sessions online at


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