Millennial Dreamers at The Fourth Estate

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 14, 2013 in General

From Joel Stein’s TIME Magazine cover story, The ME, ME, ME Generation, to CNN Belief Blog’s post by Rachel Held Evans that went viral, Millennials have been receiving a lot of attention lately. This generation is tech savvy and said to have a sense of entitlement and confidence, yet at the same time possess a global perspective and a desire for a meaningful life. 1,400 Millennials descended upon UCLA’s campus this past weekend, making it a priority to attend The Fourth Estate Leadership Summit.


These high school and university students filled Royce Hall with energy and a comradery that has driven a movement of activism focusing on issues around the Lord’s Resistance Army spearheaded by our friends at Invisible Children. Moment after moment, speaker after speaker, inspiration seeped from the stage. As if cheering on a rock star, this auditorium of Millenials stood to applaud ICC’s chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo. Once again, they took to their feet as the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, offered her first ever, public speech in her new role to this audience of young, passionate dreamers.


And that is what they were encouraged to do…dream! All weekend these students were challenged to dream big and to not give up. And when dreams seem to have fail, they were told to keep going. The Fourth Estate is a movement that is celebrating humanity on a global scale, looking out for one another, holding on to positive values, and bringing about change in our world.

“What you do proves what you believe.” – Ben Keesey

“If you take on a full time bad guy with a part time fight, that’s a fight you’re not likely to win.” – Gary Haugen 

“Your life is bigger than your best dream for it.” – Jason Russell 

“Human beings just want to know that when we’re gone, there’s some evidence that we lived.” – Dan Pallotta 

“There was such liberation when I had my dream disintegrate. It was a blank slate & it was an invitation for discovery.”           – Jedidiah Jenkins 

“This is how the world is supposed to be – everyone looking out for each other.” – Angwech Collines 

Plant With Purpose was honored to be in the company of these do-gooders during Friday’s Common Good Exchange at The Fourth Estate. Other exhibitors included Sevenly, Ryot News, International Justice Mission, Liberty in North Korea, and Relevant Magazine.   


Recorded sessions from The Fourth Estate Leadership Summit can be watched at


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