National Day of Prayer

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 5, 2011 in General

Today is the National Day of Prayer! Join Plant With Purpose as we pray for our brothers and sisters around the world and the work that God is doing to bring us into increasing connection, love, and concern for one another. We give thanks for the privilege we have to partner with rural farmers in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Tanzania, Burundi, and Thailand! Here are some of the prayer requests from Plant With Purpose’s programs in the developing world:

Please pray for:

  • The savings and loan groups to implement sustainable agriculture techniques on their plots of land to improve their crop yields.
  • Farmers to care for and protect their environment with dedication.
  • Farmers and small business owners to be able to pay their loans back.
  • The Lord Jesus to inspire the minds of pastors and church leaders to develop community projects that impact their communities.

Please pray for:

  • The fragile political climate after the final results of the election.
  • The new President to surround himself with people who have good intentions and a good vision for Haiti.
  • Better understanding between the Haitian and Dominican governments to improve the relationship between the people along the border.

We praise God for:

  • The new programs under the Belgian Embassy funds that officially started this April. Please pray for their success.

We pray for:

  • The new staff who will be hired for the Belgian Embassy program.
  • Daphrose, our staff member who has been sick and is currently on sick leave.

We praise God for:

  • The visit of Cathi Lundy’s group and pray for it to be a fulfilling experience.
  • The self-esteem workshops that have been carried out in the communities. Pray for many women to be blessed with increased strength in their identity.
  • The children’s clubs and the work that has been carried out in schools with the Festival of Values.

Please pray for:

  • Protection and provision for Scott’s group during their trip, and that they are blessed by their visit to the communities in the Oaxacan Mixteca.

Please pray for:

  • The political situation in Thailand. Pray that God would guide the new leadership of Thailand and their decision-making.
  • The preparation for the Holistic Ministry Conference in Thailand May 23-26.
  • Our staff and farmers as they prepare for planting trees in their agroforestry plots, upland farms and community forests.
  • The preparation for the Women’s Literacy Program. We are working with New Life Center Foundation and the Non-Formal Education Department on the development of the curriculum and training program.

We praise God for:

  • The infrastructure improvements funded by USAID: One local irrigation canal, four charcoal houses and two simple greenhouses.

Please pray for:

  • The sudden drop of two clusters in USAID to not negatively affect the farmers they served.
  • The rains to start, as they are currently later than the farmers expected.
  • Early adoption of a new record keeping system in VICOBA (village community banking) groups.
  • Increased teamwork.

We praise God for:

  • A safe trip to Tanzania for Claudette, Accountant, and Armando, Programs Director.
  • The many opportunities to meet with churches and individuals.
  • The $5,456.71, which doubles to $10,913.42 with our matching grant, raised during the Trees Please! campaign.

Please pray for:

  • Safe travels for everyone attending the Holistic Ministry Summit the week of May 9th and for the international directors’ speaking engagements during the week. Also, pray that the Summit would foster increased unity and collaboration throughout our programs.
  • God’s financial provision.
  • The Springtime of Hope special event on May 15th in Orange County to excite new and existing partners. 
  • A fruitful vision trip to Oaxaca for Scott, Corbyn and all the trip participants.
  • Our gala committee as they plan for our annual gala, which will be on Saturday, October 8th at Paradise Point Resort.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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