New Babies and Bright Beginnings

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 12, 2010 in General

Miguel and his wife, Santa Nivar, of La Represa, Dominican Republic have experienced great transformation in their lives this year. Not only did they just have their first child, a beautiful baby girl, but through the help of Plant With Purpose, Miguel can provide for his new, growing family in ways he never thought possible! With the help of loans through Plant With Purpose, Miguel has been able to maintain his production of cocoa, improve his home, and buy a motorcycle.

Before, Miguel used agricultural techniques that were harmful for the land and the environment. Now, Miguel has had training in sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture techniques that allow him to have a larger crop yield and increased income! In addition to helping Miguel and his family, Plant With Purpose has increased the general knowledge and consciousness of the whole community in the management of the land and natural resources.

Miguel says, “Our prayer is that God continues to bless Plant With Purpose and that his hand extends to those that need it the most, so that the community continues to advance on the spiritual level as well as the material level.”

We at Plant With Purpose would like to echo Miguel’s prayer for the community of La Represa, and we wish Miguel and his family continued health, happiness, and transformation. And thank you to everyone who has partnered with Plant With Purpose to sponsor a village like La Represa. Because of you, families across the world are experiencing new hope and bright beginnings.

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