New Plant With Purpose Office Opening Soon in Malindi

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 5, 2010 in General

We are excited to announce that Plant With Purpose’s Floresta-Tanzania program will be opening a new office in the village of Malindi, thanks to our friend Mark Portrait and his project, Friends of Malindi. Mark has been actively involved in raising funds and awareness for Malindi ever since he first visited about a year ago. His website,, sells delicious and affordable coffee with proceeds going toward directly benefitting Malindi. Below are pictures of the house in the village that has been acquired and renovated for the new office.

As Mark writes about on his blog: “This represents a major step for Plant With Purpose. The journey from the national office in Moshi takes over 3 1/2 hours by motorcycle. And that’s weather permitting. During the rainy season the trip is much more arduous. As you can imagine, it’s been extremely challenging to meet the needs in this area from a distance. With a local office to serve Malindi and the surrounding villages, the mission of reforestation, organic gardening, community banking and cistern construction gets a major boost. A local staff will run the office and we now have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to make travel from the Malindi office to all the surrounding hamlets a reality.”

You can help support the village of Malindi by purchasing a bag of coffee from Every cup of coffee you drink brings much needed education and support to the amazing people of this area in Tanzania. Thanks for your support!


Kate McElhinney serves as the Marketing Coordinator for Plant With Purpose. She plays an integral role in executing the company’s marketing campaigns and PR efforts. Kate also coordinates the annual gala and oversees the production of the company newsletter, The Sower.

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