New Plant With Purpose Video!

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 5, 2010 in General

Wednesday through Sunday last week the San Diego Film Festival promoted, pitched, plugged, and partnered with Plant With Purpose to make sure all of their film goers knew just who we were! A long time in the making, we are happy to report that this collaboration between the San Diego Film Festival (SDFF) and Plant With Purpose was a huge success! Thousands of people who had never heard of Plant With Purpose, or known about how we empower individuals to support their families and engage in their communities, learned and became excited about the great work being done through all of our international staff.

It was actually impossible for people to come to the film festival and miss learning about Plant With Purpose. When they entered the Gaslamp Theater doors they saw 15 foot trees scattered throughout the lobby, decorated by individual farmers’ testimonies from each of our programs. When they sat down in the theater, the SDFF staff, who was responsible to introduce the films, would plug Plant With Purpose and share how excited they were to be supporting Plant With Purpose and to make sure to stop by and see us in the lobby. Even if a film goer was running a tinge late and rushed past the Plant With Purpose booth in the lobby and managed to miss the introduction, they would settle into their seat to catch the previews and just before their film would start, they would see the Plant With Purpose promo video. This videa is gives a powerful, quick, and effective message about who Plant With Purpose works with and what they can do to help.

I wanted to share the newest version of the Trees Please video that was premiered at the San Diego Film Festival last week. Thousands of people saw it, and not only did they see it once… it was screened before a majority of the films at the festival, so people really got the point! Countless numbers of people stopped by our table to support our work, learn more, or just say thank you. Here’s a look at the newest video!


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