Plant With Purpose Cultivator Award

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 8, 2014 in News & Events

Do you know what it takes to run an international nonprofit organization? In short, a lot of time, talents, and energy. And this comes from volunteers, board members, donors, advocates, and interns. These individuals cultivate support for Plant With Purpose in their own spheres of influence, and they keep the organization thriving by investing their talents and abilities.

At Plant With Purpose, we value the passion, energy, and God-given gifts of our volunteers, and we feel they deserve the world. Although we can’t give them the world, we can choose one standout supporter recognize each quarter. Today we’re featuring our first recipient of the Plant With Purpose Cultivator Award. Read on to get to know Dahlia Guajardo and learn about her heart for Plant With Purpose!

Dahlia with Rehema Meela's daughter. Rehema is a Plant With Purpose partnering farmer who Dahlia got to know during her trip to Tanzania.

Dahlia with Rehema Meela’s daughter. Rehema is a Plant With Purpose partnering farmer who Dahlia got to know during her trip to Tanzania.

When and how did you first get involved with Plant With Purpose?

I first got involved with Plant With Purpose as a grant writing intern in 2011. I was interested in a more holistic approach to helping people that would consider how our relationship with God affects the way we relate to each other and the environment. Since my 2011 internship, I was able to visit the Plant With Purpose programs in Tanzania, which was an amazing experience. When I got back from Tanzania I knew I wanted to continue working with Plant With Purpose and partnering with the farming families I had met. I also wanted to keep developing my abilities as a writer, so I decided to rejoin the Plant With Purpose team as a volunteer in the development department. The department staff nurtured my writing and gave me the opportunity to learn new skills from crafting press releases to creating newsletter articles and developing marketing materials, such as the online advocacy kit. One of my favorite projects was helping with the writing for the spring campaign to raise $10,000 for family gardens in Tanzania. It felt like a great way to honor the farming women who had so graciously shared their stories with me when I visited Tanzania.

I just got hired on as the Child Sponsorship Coordinator at the Alliance for African Assistance and I know that my experience at Plant With Purpose was invaluable for giving me the background I needed to land the position. I’m excited to use what I learned at Plant With Purpose to continue partnering with families around the world for a better future.

What motivates you to commit your time to the organization?

I’m motivated by the way Plant With Purpose cares about helping people so as to empower the community members with whom they partner. Through supporting local leadership and developing local resources, Plant With Purpose establishes long-term change; for me, that’s really exciting! Plant With Purpose helps people live healthy lives, both physically and spiritually, and I consider that an expression of God’s love. I’m motivated to volunteer at Plant With Purpose because it’s a blessing to be a part of sharing God’s love with people around the world.

What’s your favorite memory while volunteering?

I have a lot of enjoyable memories from volunteering with Plant With Purpose. My favorite experience was interviewing the farming women in Tanzania. It was so cool to see how the programs are actually changing people’s lives.

How would you spend a free afternoon?

I grew up in the desert so I’m always astonished by San Diego’s gorgeous landscape in which rolling hills and palm tree canyons give way to one of the most picturesque coastlines I could imagine. That said, I love spending a free afternoon in an open air café on the beach.

Choose between…

Coffee or Tea?                       Coffee!

Mountains or oceans?           Both.

Palm tree or pine tree?        Palm trees make me think of home.

Congratulations, Dahlia! We’re grateful for your partnership and for the gifts you’ve shared with Plant With Purpose.



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