Plant With Purpose Featured on EEN’s Creation Care Podcast

Written by Plant With Purpose on October 21, 2010 in General

Hear Scott talk about the intersection between poverty, environmental degradation, and spiritual hope on today’s Evangelical Environmental Network podcast.

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Here is a snippet from the interview:

Q: “When you see this kind of transformation [in communities], what does it do to the whole system of people? Do you notice a change in attitude?”

A: (Scott): “A really, really important part of what we’re doing is the idea of empowering people to do it themselves. We see a tremendous change in self-confidence and self-worth. We are not coming in and doing things for people, it’s more of an exchange. People end up realizing their own talents and feel a sense of accomplishment and growing self-confidence. I think that’s one of the overwhelming diseases that affect a lot of really poor communities: a lack of self-confidence. That everything in the world is telling them they aren’t worth much.

It always makes me think of the Parable of the Talents and in the parable of the talents, oddly enough, it’s the man who received one talent who buried his talent and sees God as a harsh master reaping where he hasn’t sown. I oftentimes see that same phenomenon. People don’t believe that they have anything to offer. They want to protect what little they have and bury it. And if we can remind them of the value of that and remind them of who God is and remind them that God has a role for them and wants them to invest their talents then we see a radical change in the community.”

Thanks to Alexei Laushkin and the Evangelical Environmental Network for helping us spread the word about Plant With Purpose’s life-changing programs!

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