Plant With Purpose Phraseology: Farmer Field School

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 28, 2013 in General

Plant With Purpose’s Burundi program is integrating a new collaborative strategy for teaching and learning—the Farmer Field School.

This past fall, the Giremwete Farmer Field School had its first test run. The association of 33 farmers met weekly with the goal of testing new farming techniques. The first “experiment” consisted of two acres of land, some beans, and four different ways to fertilize the crop. They quartered off the plot: one section had no fertilizer, one used a chemical fertilizer, one used organic fertilizers, and one had a mix of chemical and organic fertilizers.

The lesson learned was that some form of fertilizer was necessary to produce the largest crop yield. And farmers decided their best bet was to continue using organic fertilizers to provide nutrients for their crops.

Today on World Hunger Day, Plant With Purpose is walking alongside smallholder farmers as they work together to discover the best ways to improve their livelihoods, provide better nutrition for their families, and increase the opportunities for a better tomorrow for their children and communities. 

The Farmer Field School—a simple experiment, a clear outcome, a change of perspective, and a success in learning.

Image: Group of farmers in Burundi representative of the Giremwete Farmer Field School 

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