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Written by Plant With Purpose on March 14, 2013 in General


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By Scott Sabin


One of my favorite ways to describe Plant With Purpose is “upstream solutions to downstream problems.” Restoring watersheds, for example, has a sustainable impact on health. As newly planted trees, God’s natural filters, begin to do their work, we have seen a dramatic decrease in waterborne illness in Plant With Purpose communities. In Haiti and Tanzania, we have seen this killer reduced by 50% or more. Clean water is not our primary focus, but it is an outcome of our upstream solutions. 

This Easter Season, we celebrate the ultimate upstream solution to our downstream problems: Christ’s death and resurrection to redeem all that he had created.

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FEMALE FARMING: Empowering Women in Tanzania on a Path Out of Poverty
By Christi Huizenga, Africa Programs Officer, and Beth Luthye, Grant Writer


Around the world poverty is a heavy burden for anyone, but there is no denying it’s especially heavy for women. Across Africa, women toil to produce three-fourths of the food grown, yet they remain the poorest of the poor. However, groups of female farmers in Tanzania are learning how to change their circumstances, provide for their children, and live with dignity through Plant With Purpose programs. “I’m not depending on someone else’s support,” says Anna, a farmer and single mother. “Before I was in a hardship life and more dependent.”

Click here to read more about Anna and other female farmers who are lifting their families out of poverty and transforming their communities. 

ROOTED IN LOVE: A Biblical Reason Why We Should All Care for Creation
By Becky Rosaler, Marketing and Events Coordinator


By wisdom the Lord laid the earth’s foundations, by understanding he set the heavens in place; by his knowledge the deeps were divided, and the clouds let drop the dew.
Proverbs 3:19-20

The created world is full of systems. Cycles go round to bring breath, water, nutrients, and life. In His wisdom, God set into motion a global system that could care for those who inhabit the land and provide life for rural communities. But consider the cycle of poverty and deforestation: as agricultural productivity decreases, desperate farmers turn to cutting down trees to sell the timber for income or to clear land. Yet any attempt to grow crops on cleared land will quickly become unproductive due to soil degradation. The continued decline in productivity ironically leads to more tree cutting. And the vicious cycle continues—unless we act to stop it.

Plant With Purpose seeks to restore natural systems that bring life and healing.

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Village Spotlight: Rio Comal, Mexico
“My vegetables are organic without an ounce of chemical fertilizer, allowing us to not harm our health. It’s satisfying to eat something that you have cultivated,” Miguel shares.  

Human Rights in Thailand
Plant With Purpose is working with government officials to help marginalized hill tribe members gain citizenship and legal status.

Work in Chiapas, Mexico
The national Plant With Purpose staff in Mexico is expanding programs into the neighboring state of Chiapas! 

Spring Planting
In honor of Easter, Earth Day, or Arbor Day, create your own planting competition – for every tree, herb, or flower planted, donate $1.

Purchase With Purpose 
Earn giving funds through shopping online with Pure Charity’s webapp and help families in Tanzania plant gardens. 

Earth Day at Balboa Park
If you’re in San Diego, join Plant With Purpose at the world’s largest annual environmental fair on Sunday, April 21!

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