Planting for the Future

Written by Plant With Purpose on April 20, 2013 in General

Yesterday we introduced you to Mary and Greyson Msafiri and heard how Village Savings and Loan Associations are changing their future. During her training with Plant With Purpose, Mary has also learned about the importance of planting trees. 

Women like Mary in Tanzania spend many hours a day collecting firewood to be used for cookstoves. In fact nearly 3 billion people—about half the world—rely on cookstoves fueled by wood or charcoal to make meals and boil water. Up to half of the trees being cut in developing countries are used for fuel wood, creating rampant deforestation with devastating effects. 

One of those effects is that land becomes less productive which directly harms families such as the Msafiris who are depending on their crops to feed their families and provide income. 


Mary has joined in on the effort to plant trees in Tanzania. During this past rainy season, she planted 115 trees on the slopes near her farm. She saw such a high percentage of these trees take root that she’s preparing to plant an additional 150 trees come the next rainy season. 

The Msafiris are planning for the future and are setting goals to reverse deforestation. By planting trees, Mary is working towards reducing desertification. She also wants to see a reduction in the time that women spend gathering fuel wood for cooking. With all the time they could save, her neighboring women could produce more crops, invest in additional businesses, and change the future of their families and the village of Malindi.

In preparation for Earth Day, why not join with Mary and plant some trees to restore the land and plant for all of our futures! 

You can help other families like the Msafiris by Sponsoring A Village.

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