Planting More Than Trees in Thailand

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 11, 2013 in General

By Madison Swoy

When Plant With Purpose visited the town of Mae Jawn, Thailand last month, they found that trees were not the only things growing in their community.  It seems that spiritual revival had taken root as well.

While visiting the community, they encountered Mrs. NerNaw. She recounted the story of how her family had converted to Christianity just two years ago. Apparently, her son had become a Christian two years earlier, guiding her entire family to Jesus shortly after. This made the NerNaw family the only Christians in a Buddhist community where they were not welcomed with opened arms. They were almost forced to give up their land and leave the community. Things were definitely looking bleak.

What a difference two years can make. Today, the NerNaw family lives at peace in their community; Mrs. NerNaw’s son has even been elected to the village council. The change does not stop there. Six more families also became Christian within this short period. Mrs. NerNaw even has the pleasure of hosting a worship service for the seven families in her home every Sunday!

This community is a living example of spiritual renewal of a community. Though Plant With Purpose works in a wide variety of communities with many different religious backgrounds, our work always provides a consistent witness to God’s love. Though the fruit may not be seen for years, just like many of the trees planted by partnering farmers, just one seed planted can lead to the revival of a community.

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