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Written by Plant With Purpose on April 5, 2013 in General

Spring has arrived in San Diego. With that, the planting season has begun as local families are preparing gardens-a reminder of those that depend on the growth of produce to provide nutrients and an income for their families. As you get your hands dirty this spring, remember to say a prayer for the planting season and adequate rainfall to yield abundant crops for Plant With Purpose farmers worldwide.

On the first Friday of the month, the Plant With Purpose international family prays over the requests listed below. Join us.   


We praise God for:
– A new healthy baby born to staff member Daphrose.
– A good start to programs for 2013.
– The restored relationship of a married couple that partners with Plant With Purpose. Through Plant With Purpose’s reconciliation training sessions, they have seen God’s blessing as He healed their relationship.

We pray for:
– The planting season in Burundi. We are distributing cassava cuttings, which will be planted. Please pray for sufficient rain for the crops to grow.
– The individuals and families who were affected by the January market fire in the capital city of Bujumbura. Many families are suffering financially because of the fire. The fire has also increased inflation, which is economically having a negative affect on people. 
 Peace within the country as questions of security arise.


We praise God for:
 The work accomplished over this past year, which will be celebrated during the annual Floresta Assembly. Pray that it will be a success event.  

We pray for:
 Wisdom, grace, and favor as we seek out additional funding opportunities through local foundations and organizations. 
 The church-led literacy groups. Pray that the government will support the program by providing educational materials. 
 Abundant rain in the border region so that crops will grow.
 The effectiveness of our current program as we assist farmers.
 Wisdom as we work with new communities and introduce the Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) program.


We praise God for:
 Safe travels for the two groups from the United States that visited us in March.
 The smooth and successful distribution of beans and seeds to farmers this quarter.  

We pray for: 
 The expansion of the VSLA program this quarter to additional areas where we work.  
 Ongoing efficiency, effectiveness, and enthusiasm of our staff as they work to accomplish their various projects and reach even more people here in Haiti. 
 Wisdom and resources, as we budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
 Sufficient rain this spring so that farmers will have abundant crops. 


We praise God for:

The VSLA groups that have completed their saving cycle and wish to continue their groups.
 Providing new offices that will meet our needs so that we can serve more people in Mexico.
 Protecting us and caring for our staff while they visit partnering communities.

We pray for:

The successful visit from Cathi Lundy’s group (the board chair of Plant With Purpose USA) this month and all the activities that will be conducted in various communities. We also pray for protection and that the trip would be a blessing to community members and those traveling with the group.
 Mexico’s leaders. Pray that they will continue to lead fairly and peacefully as well as strengthen the values of our country.
 The workshops focusing on integral health and stewardship. Pray for the participation and involvement of leaders from various churches.
 The expansion of Plant With Purpose Mexico into the State of Chiapas. Pray for the team of pastors who are undertaking new activities. May God bless all of the families involved.
 The health of our accountant Rosibel.


We praise God for:

The community competition that took place in 2012. We organized a group competition where the VSLA groups highlighted the work that they do in the areas of environmental conservation, economic development, and spiritual renewal. The competition was successful in building team spirit and encouraging groups to keep finding new ways to do more.

We pray for:

 The planning of the 2013 community competition. At the beginning of April, Plant With Purpose Tanzania staff will be meeting with group leaders to evaluate last year’s competition and set new goals and objectives for this year. Pray that this continues to be a source of energy and excitement within the communities and that planning for the competition will result in stronger partnerships.
 The final stages of the USAID funded market access program. Please pray for endurance as we juggle many different components of the program.
 The renovation of irrigation canals which is the final piece of a community water project that has shown to be a significant blessing to our communities. The communities have already negotiated and set-up usage agreements between upstream and downstream users and have formally created ownership agreements and plans for upkeep and maintenance. The construction is the easy piece. Pray for good results and continued access to clean water year-round in two additional communities.


We praise God for:

A successful meeting between various Christian organizations interested in reaching out to marginalized people in the western part of Thailand.

We pray for:

 The cooperation and readiness of the 300 plus organizations reaching out to marginalized people.
 Establishing new relationships with communities in the Fang and Prao areas including the launch of VSLA groups and outreach programs.
 Strategy and network planning for work being done with Palaung communities. Pray for the meeting on April 26 where a program action plan will be discussed.
 The implementation of the women literacy project targeting young mothers and young people in communities within the Chiang Dao area.
 The preparation of the second Holistic Ministry Conference in May 20-23, 2013, which will be sharing best practices and holistic ministry approaches run by local churches.


We praise God for:

Our many partners that make the work of Plant With Purpose happen including program staff around the world, donors, and supporters.
 Scott Sabin and Doug Satre’s Vision Trips this past month. We praise God for fruitful experiences in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
 Representatives from St. Clement’s Church in St. Paul, MN who visited our offices in San Diego. Our time together was a blessing to all and made us appreciate this wonderful church partner. 

We pray for:

 God’s blessings over the many events and campaigns taking place. The month of April is considered Earth Month with Earth Day and Arbor Day. Pray for open hearts and new support as we have projects on Pure Charity, Dollar Per Month, and Live 58:.
– Safe travels as board chair Cathi Lundy and staff member Beth Luthye take a group to visit Plant With Purpose staff and communities in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are sincerely and deeply grateful for your partnership.

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