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Written by Plant With Purpose on August 2, 2012 in General

Every four years, a positive energy bursts forth as the world is united, and 2012 has not been an exception. As the Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad play out, medals are awarded, and we’re reminded that the story of humanity is the same across borders. 

Monthly, Plant With Purpose’s U.S and international staff enthusiastically come together in solidarity to pray for the transformational work taking place in the countries where we work. We invite you to join us tomorrow (the first Friday of the month) as we lift up these prayers and praises together: 

We praise God for:

  • In July, Burundi celebrated 50 years of independence. PWP staff in Rutana joined in the Jubilee of Independence festivities and participated in the parade.
  • A successful end to our fiscal year. We ended the year with our first ever staff retreat for Plant With Purpose Burundi, which was refreshing and inspiring. 
  • The success PWP communities are experiencing. An indicator of this is that twelve households were able to cover the roofs of their homes with iron sheets.
  • That our regional office has opened in the capital city of Bujumbura.

We pray for: 

  • Community groups to find a market for their vegetable seeds. In recent years, Burundi has had a lack of quality seeds. 
  • The Village Savings and Loan group trainings taking place this month. The number of VSL groups in Burundi is growing quickly, and proper training will assist in their success. 

Dominican Republic
We praise God for:

  • The success of cocoa farmers in the community of Tocoa. Pray as they pursue more profitable ways to market their organic cocoa enterprises. 

We pray for:

  • The Lord to give farmers the desire to establish new agroforestry farms. 
  • Rain in the central and border regions so that more coffee, forest, and, fruit trees can be planted.  
  • Wisdom as the staff works to convert traditional microenterprise associations to Village Savings and Loan groups in new communities.
  • Increase in membership for the La Rosa and Javilla Village Savings and Loan groups.  

We praise God for:

  • A safe visit by Executive Director Scott Sabin to the Cornillon region of Haiti.

We pray for:

  • The development of Village Savings and Loan groups in PWP areas of operation.
  • The new office in Port-au-Prince, that it will be a source of new opportunities for Plant With Purpose Haiti.
  • Ongoing success and efficiency for this new fiscal year.

We praise God for:

  • His faithfulness to our staff and for sustaining our organization.
  • The group of health promoters who have been working with us. 
  • The visitors from Solana Beach Presbyterian Church and the activities that took place in the community of La Union. They have been a blessing.
  • The new Village Savings and Loan group in the community of Ojo de Agua Tamazola.

We pray for:

  • The political and social stability in Mexico.
  • The election of the Community Property Committee in the region of San Juan Real, Tamazola, and exploration of future ecotourism projects in the area.
  • The artisan group, Ita Nuyuxe. That God will bless this new group with unity, and solidarity.
  • The health of our staff, promoters, and their families.

We praise God for:

  • The churches, schools, and other institutions that we work with and those who are ready to join in the efforts of Plant With Purpose Tanzania in addressing environmental degradation.

We pray for:

  • A spirit of unity and hard work as we seek to achieve our planned targets. 
  • Village Savings and Loan groups to be established with cost sharing for sustainability.
  • Church leaders who have taken the Creation Care Seminar. Pray that they will encourage their church members to practice stewardship of creation.
  • The success of all the projects that Plant With Purpose Tanzania is overseeing. Pray that these projects would provide lasting transformation in the lives of farmers and their families.

We praise God for:

  • A successful village trainers’ workshop, which involved farmers who will become promoters, as well as other interested farmers and visitors.
  • A positive and beneficial review and evaluation of the program department. Please continue to pray for the programs team.

We pray for:

  • The implementation of the Village Savings and Loan pilot project in twelve target villages in the area of Chiangmai.
  • The preparation of target villages in the area of Chiangmai as we look to expand.
  • The training program taking place from July to August focused on holistic development and holistic ministry. Participating in the training are 10 pastors and church leaders from Myanmar.
  • The 150 Christian church leaders, members, and organizational staff who will attend a workshop on holistic development and holistic ministry. The workshop will be held in the district of Fang on August 2-4.
  • The building of fuel-efficient stoves for 70 farmers in Chaingrai area.

We praise God for:

  • An excellent end to the fiscal year!

We pray for:

  • Solana Beach Presbyterian’s trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. Pray for their safety and that the trip will be fruitful.
  • Invitations for our annual Planting Hope Gala will be mailed in August. Pray for the success of this event on October 13.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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