Pray With Purpose This August

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 1, 2013 in General

In the “Giver of All Good Gifts” Walter Brueggemann prays, 

“You are the God who feeds and nourishes. 
You are the God who assures that we have more than enough, 
   and we do not doubt that 
   you satisfy the desire of every living thing.” 

And we join him to pray, 

“Stir us by your spirit beyond fearful accumulation 
     toward outrageous generosity, 
  that giving bread to others
        makes for peace, 
  that giving drink to others 
        makes for justice, 
  that giving and sharing opens the world 
     and assures abundance for all.”  

Thank you for your generosity of prayers for Plant With Purpose. Please join the Plant With Purpose international family on the first Friday of the month to pray for nourishment—both physical and spiritual—of partnering farming families, and for peace, justice, and abundance.  

We praise God for:
– Experiencing His grace in the celebration of staff member Bertrand’s marriage. Bertrand is the administrator and project manager.
– The successful visit of Lazare, Plant With Purpose Burundi’s country director and Benoit, a board member for Plant With Purpose Burundi, to San Diego. We are thankful for the opportunity to build a stronger international partnership.
– The abundance of churches that are asking for training in “Theology of Work.” This program is taking off and we’re witnessing significant responses. Because of it, marriages are being strengthened, households are coming together, churches are providing food for their communities, and people are growing closer to God. We praise God for what He is doing and pray for wisdom as we continue to share His Good News.

We pray for:
– The remaining funds to fulfill our objectives for fiscal year 2013-2014. Due to reasons beyond our control, we lost financial support from the Belgian government who happen to be our largest donor. This means that we do not have the financial resources to invest in new communities. We pray that the momentum in the communities where we work will continue through this period of financial uncertainty and that we can find other funding sources to bridge the gap.
– Success, achievement, and the impact of all of our activities during this fiscal year.

We praise God for:
– The pastors and leaders in partnering communities. Pray that they will continue to engage in the adult literacy program allowing their churches to meet practical needs within their communities.

We pray for:
– Our local leaders. Pray that God will keep them focused on working for the benefit of their communities. 
– God’s blessing on the workshops that are encouraging the building and growth of new businesses.  
– A successful completion of the environmental restoration projects in the communities of Los Pinos, Angel Felix, and Sabana Real. Our hope is to reestablish forest cover through establishing agroforestry plots in these communities. 
– The establishment of 50 agroforestry plots in the border region, specifically in the communities of La Sahonada, Los Guineos, and Primer Rancho.

We praise God for:
– Our Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) group in the region of Cornillon. Most of the VSLAs just ended their first savings-cycle and are beginning their second.
– The healthy recovery of staff member Jean Robert as he was injured in a motorcycle accident.

We pray for:
– The members of the VSLA group Vela. Pray that they will be encouraged and motivated to save even more money during the next saving-cycle.
– Partnering farmers and their crops as we move into the second season of planting. 
– A safe and fruitful trip for Plant With Purpose USA staff members Milmer and Kristen as they visit Haiti at the end of the month.

We praise God for:
– Our time with the group from Solona Beach Presbyterian Church. They were a blessing to the community of La Union.  
– The recent peaceful political elections throughout the country. 
– His blessings in our work, as He has given us good health and protection throughout the month.

We pray for:
The expansion of our program into the state of Chiapas. We are grateful for Juan Carlos Rojo Montes as he has been a blessing during this time. 

We praise God for:
– Strong collaboration and good relationships within partnering communities around Mt. Kilimanjaro. This year, schools in the area each planted 500 trees and taught students about the role of trees in preserving the delicate environment around Kilimanjaro. The schools found creative ways to make tree-planting fun. It also served as a reminded that it’s good to educate our children about environmental conservation as they share their knowledge with their families.

We pray for:
– The rainy season, which is just ending, and the long dry season is about to begin. We pray for resilience during this slow time for farming families.
– The group of farmers who are testing a pilot of the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) that will function as a certification program. As farmers produce more by using sustainable agriculture practices, it is important to ensure that we work on strengthening market opportunities to match the growing supply. The PGS will allow farmers to sell their produce to premium organic markets at a good price but with minimal costs. 

We praise God for:
– The establishment of new agroforestry plots this month. We ask for special prayers for three new communities in the Chiang Mai area: Pang Toi, Khon Muang, and Huay Nhoo.

We pray for:
– Safety and health for our staff as they travel to partnering communities during the rainy season which makes traveling by road difficult.
– Guidance and discernment during the process of surveying and selecting new communities to partner with.
– Plant With Purpose Thailand’s mid-term staff reviews, which are taking place this month.
– The community land deed work in the Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai areas.
– New leadership in Pa Dang Nok community. Pray that they will be able to solve conflict and differences within the community. 

We praise God for:
– A wonderful time with Burundi country director Lazare and Burundian Board member Benoit as they visited San Diego in July.
– Our wonderful summer interns. Pray for this group as they head back to school and move on to other jobs
– Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. They were a blessing to communities that they visited during the weeklong Vision Trip to Mexico.

We pray for:
– The hiring process of a Director of Field Operations to join the team in San Diego.
– Plans for the upcoming 2013 Planting Hope Gala as we continue procuring auction items and send out invitations this month.
– The recruitment process for fall interns.
– A safe and productive visit to Haiti for Program Officer Milmer and Financial Director Kristen.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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