Pray With Purpose This February

Written by Plant With Purpose on February 1, 2013 in General


Please join with us tomorrow, the first Friday of the month, as Plant With Purpose’s international family prays in unity for God to transform lives.


We praise God for:
– A successful visit from friends of Plant With Purpose USA. We had a wonderful time together and enjoyed visiting partnering communities.
– The launch of the Lower Muyuvozi Watershed Restoration Project, with a safe climb down the cliffs at Nyakazu Preserve in Rutana, Burundi. The climb has not been done since 1992. All participants made it safely to the bottom (and back up) and were able to enjoy a bit of God’s beautiful creation. 

We pray for:
– The review of program finances. Pray that this time with Burundi staff and Plant With Purpose USA staff will be a beneficial time to learn together, and that our partnership is strengthened.  
– The capital city of Bujumbura. On Sunday, January 27, the market in the center of the city burned to the ground. Losses are estimated to be millions of dollars (U.S.), and the entire economy of Burundi will most likely be affected. In addition, lives were lost, and hundreds of businesses were destroyed. Please pray that the city will recover and that the business owners affected will receive mercy from their creditors.  

Dominican Republic

We praise God for:
– The economic impact of the Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA). Collectively, the groups have saved more than $125,000 (U.S.) to cover their basic needs and make improvements to homes and farms.

We pray for:
– Efficiency and effectiveness to execute our goals and commitments set for 2013.
– Partnering communities to grow in their relationships with God and to make changes in their lives.
– Wisdom and resources for the 52 VSLA groups and the launch of new groups this year.


We praise God for:
– The solidarity of the staff in supporting Guy Paraison, our country director, during a time of grief following the unexpected passing of his mother.

We pray for:
– Peace for Guy’s family at this time of loss.
– The Village Savings and Loan Association program, that it continues to grow and becomes integrated into all of the communities we serve.
– Our church mobilization programs to reach the needs of the local churches and communities.
– Provision for farmers during the upcoming planting season.


We praise God for:
– Our staff. Every time they visit a partnering community, they find practical ways to meet the needs of people.

We pray for:
– God’s wisdom and guidance as we work to transform lives.
– A new office, which will fit the needs of Plant With Purpose Mexico.
– Those who will be visiting the program through 2013 Vision Trips.
– Health and strength for individual community members in El Carrizal, Monte Flor, and Monte Frio Tamazola.


We praise God for:
– Community efforts in planting trees. Halfway through the fiscal year, Plant With Purpose Tanzania is halfway to their goal of planting one million trees in one year.

We pray for:
– The Wings of Kilimanjaro event. Paragliders from around the world began climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on January 29. They hope to fly off the peak on February 5. Please pray for good weather so that the launch can happen as planned. Also, pray for safety for the paragliders. This launch will have a high degree of difficulty, even on a day with perfect weather. Money raised from the event will support Plant With Purpose Tanzania programs.   
– The training taking place through Farmer Field Schools at the end beginning of February. Pray that this will be an excellent opportunity to better equip Plant With Purpose staff and farmers in their understanding of the link between environmental care and agricultural productivity.  
– The upcoming financial review between Plant With Purpose Tanzania and Plant With Purpose USA staff. Pray for safe travel and a productive visit for U.S. staff members Kristen Tucker and Christi Huizenga. We also ask for understanding and clarity as staff capacity is built and new things are learned.
– A successful conference with the East African ECHO, taking place the first week of February. Representatives from Plant With Purpose Burundi, Plant With Purpose Tanzania, and Plant With Purpose USA will be attending.


We praise God for:
– Program Director Armando Osorio’s visit, which took place in January. Praise God for the planning to further integrate VSLA into programs throughout Thailand.
– The fruitful retreat and fellowship among Plant With Purpose Thailand and ECHO staff. Please pray that God will use the Thai staff to be salt and light within partnering communities.
– The completion of the survey done by Plant With Purpose Thailand program staff and four students from a university in Chiangmai. The data and information will be useful for planning and evaluation.
– The Holistic Ministry movement in northern Thailand. Plant With Purpose Thailand and other Christian organizations are working together to host a conference in May 2013. Pastors and church leaders will learn best practices discovered over the past two years. Pray for the preparations for this conference.

We pray for:
– The Toon family. Mr. Toon has been arrested for working as a day laborer on forest land (even though the person who hired him was not arrested). Mrs. Toon is a record keeper for her VSLA group in Pang Dang Nok. Praise God that people are stepping up to help support Mrs. Toon and their child during this year.    
– The implementation of Village Savings and Loan Associations into new communities and the team providing oversight. Pray for unity among the members of partnering communities.
– The market for organic and environmentally friendly coffee. Plant With Purpose Thailand is researching the possibility of promoting coffee as a cash crop for farmers.
– The program team as they start working in new communities.
– The movement of the environmental network in Community Forest Management and Community Land Deeds in Chiang Rai and Chiang Dao.
– The legal status process at Chiang Dao district office and better cooperation with other sectors as we work to help hill tribe community members to gain rights in Thailand.


We praise God for:
– The success of new Village Savings and Loan Association groups, this method of savings-led microfinance is implemented throughout partnering communities.
– Supporters and partners whose generosity is transforming lives around the world.
– Kenzie Klinger, our new administrative and internship coordinator. Pray for her as she jumps into her role at Plant With Purpose.
– Three new interns. Pray for them as they work to use their skills, talents, and creativity to further the work of Plant With Purpose.

We pray for:
– Travel to and involvement in the upcoming Justice Conference in Philadelphia.
– The U.S. staff is traveling a lot this month. Pray for the trips to Michigan, Northern California, Texas, Philadelphia, Haiti, Burundi, and Tanzania.
– Wisdom and leadership as the Board of Directors gathers this month to dream and strategize together. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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