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Written by Plant With Purpose on July 5, 2013 in General

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As a Nation, we take time to celebrate our freedom this week. These same fundamental freedoms are being developed in the communities that Plant With Purpose partners with around the globe. These freedoms include having enough food to feed families, the security of financial savings, and the opportunity to grow in relationship with Jesus.   

The first Friday of each month the Plant With Purpose staff—both in the U.S. and in our six international offices—come together to pray. We invite you to join us today as we lift up these prayers and praises together.

We praise God for:
– Our new cassava-processing unit launched this month, which will increase our ability to get a finished product to market.
– A good end to our fiscal year. 

We pray for:
– The beginning of the new fiscal year and all that is ahead of us.
– A safe and fruitful trip for our director Lazare and board member Benoit to the United States.
– The success of our new project in the Muyuvozi Watershed.

Dominican Republic
We praise God for:
– Partnering churches and their leadership. Pray for them as they think through ways to encourage spiritual growth in communities.
– The adult literacy groups that are meeting in local churches. Pray that these group members grow in their ability to read and write.

We pray for:
– The upcoming meeting of organizations that are implementing Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA). We are gathering for the purpose of sharing experiences and learning from one another.
– The formation of a cooperative of farmers that cultivate avocado, sapote, and citrus, which will provide for greater opportunities in marketing their produce.

We praise God for: 
– A smooth healing for staff members Jean Robert and Jean Claude after their motorcycle accident.

We pray for:
– A fruitful and efficient fiscal year.
– The commitment of our staff to reach even more people in the new fiscal year.
– The success of the Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) pilot project. Pray for the expansion of this program in all of our communities.

We praise God for: 
– The rain, which has been a blessing for partnering farmers in the Mixteca region.
– A successful meeting of Plant With Purpose promoters. There are currently 18 promoters who receive training and are reaching out to farmers in communities throughout Oaxaca.
– The addition of Joel Santiago Valentin an agronomist on our staff. 
– His protection and blessing on our work in the field. We are thankful.
– Every generous donor that supports Plant With Purpose’s work.

We pray for:
– Safe travels for the group from Solana Beach Presbyterian Church as they visit the community of La Union. Pray that the Vision Trip will convey the work of Plant With Purpose.
– The elections taking place on July 7 for municipality presidents and deputies in our state. Pray for wisdom and grace as the elections take place.
– Local churches and their work to include creation care as part of the Church, Community, and Change efforts. Pray that God will guide them and give them wisdom in their efforts to reach out to their communities. 

We praise God for:
– An excellent growing season for crops and trees to take root because of plenty of rain.
– Continued support and growth of sustainable agriculture and VSLA within our communities.
– A successful end to the fiscal year. 

We pray for:
– The formation of new VSLA groups.
– The expansion of the organic agriculture program as partnering communities develop  relationships with local grocery stores, hotels, and other markets to sell their produce.
– Continued wisdom and guidance as we expand to more communities.

We praise God for: 
– A successful workshop for Christian organizations that shared the links between climate change, the environment, justice, and human rights. 38 leaders from 14 organizations attended. 

We pray for:
– Plant With Purpose’s staff and partnering farmers in three new villages. They are preparing to establish new agroforestry plots during the months of July and August. 
– The women’s groups who will be evaluating activities such as health projects, women literacy projects, leadership development, and women’s networking activities under the Women Capacity Development Program.
– The meeting of the environmental network, which will review the situation of community forestry and land deeds.
– Training taking place on Community Forest Management for village leadership and farmers. Please also pray for the cooperation with local government.
– Pray for the training of 12 church leaders in July and August. Pray that God will open their hearts to understand the concept of holistic ministry.

We praise God for: 
– A strong end to the fiscal year.
– The opportunity to share stories of changed lives with new supporters at recent outreach events.

We pray for:
– Safe travels for Solana Beach Presbyterian Church as they head to Mexico on a Vision Trip.
– A productive and safe trip to California for Burundi country director Lazare and Burundian board member Benoit.
– Plans for the upcoming 2013 Planting Hope Gala.
– Our current staffing need and the hiring process as we look for a Director of Field Operations to join the team in San Diego.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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